Doorstep Portraits

People Under Lockdown

230320 — 030520

Photography: Ellie Grace

Design: Studio AW—AR

Print: ASAP

Size: 170x250mm

Pages: 140

In the pages of the book you’ll find a few of the residents of Abbeydale Road, Heeley, Crookes, Sharrow, Netheredge, Hunters Bar and Meersbrook. The design of the book took social distancing as a concept and applied it to how the photos and type are arranged, creating space between everyone, even the questions and their answers. The hand-drawn type refers to some of the lovely messaging people have been putting in their windows during this time as a sign of support for our NHS and other key workers, to them we say thank you.

This book is a reminder of the good times of lockdown and a reminder of the strange little world that we all lived in for a while. It was weird, it was scary and it was sad but some good things did come out of it. Neighbourhood spirit and bonds of family and friendships were particularly strong outcomes and I hope this book reminds you of these positive aspects that got quite a few of us through the hard times.

If you had your photo taken but are unsure whether you are in the book feel free to get in touch and we can let you know.

Price: £21 including p+p

Books will be shipped in batches and delivery may take up to 2 weeks.

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Doorstep Portraits